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Tips for Preventing Theft on Construction Sites Part 1 featured image

Tips for Preventing Theft on Construction Sites Part 1

The construction industry has a billion dollar problem. Since 1996, construction theft incidents have been on a steady climb, ranking as one of the largest issues facing the industry. The problem with construction theft is that it goes beyond the theft itself to negatively affect the process of completing a construction project. When materials or tools are stolen, time is lost while crews wait for replacements. Also, stolen equipment claims made to insurance companies lead to higher rates, which can affect your bottom line.

In this two-part series, we will provide actionable tips for preventing theft on construction sites. While preventing theft is an investment, it will save you time and money in the long run. As Miami construction attorneys, we’ve seen a great deal of construction projects and can tell the difference between companies that take theft seriously and those that don’t.

Have A Clear Security Strategy

The first step in preventing theft is having a plan. The plan should address your project’s most valuable assets and where those assets will be at all points of your project. It should also address how tools and materials will be accounted for. Beyond that, it should outline what measures and tools will be used to protect project assets.


Using GPS technology and placing monitoring sensors on equipment, you can create a virtual perimeter around your construction site. By doing this, you can see if a piece of equipment is moved from your site. You can receive a notification and the GPS technology can be used to locate the equipment.

Record Keeping

One of the simplest, yet important actions you can take to prevent theft is to keep good records. Each piece of equipment utilized during a project should have its purchase, delivery and, implementation dates documented, along with the name of the primary user. The same process should be followed for materials used during a construction project.

Use Lighting for your Construction Site

Also, simple, yet important, keeping the lights on at your jobsite can be a great theft deterrent. It will increase your electricity costs but will make it harder for criminals to feel comfortable stealing from you.

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