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Tips On How To Manage An OSHA Inspection

Have a Procedure in Place

Having a procedure set in place and a trained staff are both crucial to managing an OSHA inspection. If your staff does not know what to do in the case of an unscheduled visit from OSHA, the inspection could go south. Make sure your staff knows where all the safety log books are located and make sure all your employees know what the OSHA regulations are. Assign one person to be the host for the OSHA representative and assign a backup for that person. They should coordinate between the OSHA inspector and the company, and should accompany them during the walk through inspection.

When the OSHA inspector arrives, whoever is assigned to host them should let management know they are at the facility. The next step should be to notify your company’s Clearwater construction attorney that there is an inspection taking place.

Take Pictures and Notes

The OSHA inspector will take plenty of pictures and notes on their walk through of your company. The individual who is assigned to accompany the inspector should be taking pictures and notes of the same things. Side-by-side notes and pictures will benefit your company if it needs to defend itself against an alleged violation. This will help to keep your company from being caught off guard

Employee Interviews

Typically, the OSHA inspector will conduct private employee interviews during the inspection. Your employees have the right to decline an interview, however they could then be subpoenaed by OSHA. If this is the case, they would need to have a Clearwater construction lawyer present. Your employees should be made aware, prior to the event of an OSHA inspection, of what their rights are. Cotney Attorneys & Consultants is very knowledgeable in OSHA defense, and has a substantial background in representing contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers and others in the construction industry.

Ask Questions

After an inspection, the OSHA representative will present any issues they found. OSHA has six months from the time of the inspection to issue citations, so this is the ideal time to ask any questions and get the correct clarifications you need. This is when you can also find out if there will be a follow up inspection.

Record Information

After the inspection is over, document everything your OSHA inspector told you about the walk though.  Keep track of what they looked at and any issues that were uncovered so that they can be properly addressed.

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