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Tips to Improve Labor, Accuracy, and Time on Construction Projects

In order for construction professionals to improve efficiencies during the building process, there are some best practices that can be applied to every project operation. Our Clearwater construction attorneys would like to share expert techniques that will help to ease the labor burden, increase accuracy, and save time.

Invest in Skilled Labor

Using highly-trained crews is one of the keys to success on every construction project. It’s important to ensure that each crew member knows exactly what their job entails. In order to do so, you must be sure that you are providing clear, standard operating procedures which will help crews implement industry best practices.

Embrace Technology

The construction site has so many moving parts which could put a lot at stake. By leveraging technology, the construction industry can transform performance, increase safety, and avoid disputes. Trends on the rise include the use of drones, project management apps, BIM tools, smart helmets, and more. These tools will improve communication, increase report accuracies, track time and equipment, and give real-time project updates.

Implement Lean Principles

Following lean principles will maximize value for your clients while reducing waste and improving efficiencies on construction job sites. One of the first things you should do is to identify your customer’s values and from there you will identify the appropriate processes to deliver that value. In those established processes, you will find ways to eliminate waste. Lean principles are not always easy, but implementation will cut costs, increase productivity, and reduce construction time.

Work Together and Share the Vision

Teamwork may seem like common sense, but this may not always be the case on construction job sites, but it is vital to establish and promote a culture of unity. This can be done by meeting with every key person working on the job site from the project manager to the subcontractors before and during the operation. It is critical to share the goals of the project and performance standards so that everyone will take ownership. Doing so will lessen disruption, delays, and conflicts.

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