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Tips to Prevent Harassment in Construction Workplaces

Construction sites can be stressful, but one type of stress that people shouldn’t have to deal with is harassment. Some construction sites can have issues with harassment, leading to serious problems with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other workplace oversight agencies. In this article, an Asheville construction lawyer discusses tips for how to prevent harassment in construction workplaces.

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Proactive Sexual Harassment Training

Implementing a proactive sexual harassment training program helps your firm take a stand against sexual harassment. Your human resources department can help you with developing this training program. When it comes to complaints of harassment, often the first step an employee takes is to report the event to their supervisor and, if they are unsure what steps they should take next, the human resources department steps in to provide the employee with some advice as to how they should proceed.

The training provided should include information about what types of behavior are acceptable, as well as what types of behavior are not. Providing employees with a comprehensive anti-harassment policy is an effective way to ensure that your company is one step ahead of the game when it comes to any possible legal claims of sexual harassment or other types of discrimination.

Remain Compliant with Local and State Laws

In today’s challenging construction environment, it’s essential to remain compliant with local and state laws, including those regarding sexual harassment and safe workplace environments. It’s absolutely critical to be aware of the laws and rules that apply to you, your company, your position, and your industry. It’s also important to know who in the industry to contact should problems or questions arise. With the right resources and the right mindset, you can remain compliant with your state and local laws while protecting yourself, your family, and your crew.

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Promote Incident Reporting

HR might be able to report the harassing actions of a co-worker or boss to upper management but, without a complaint or the knowledge of other employees, the upper management won’t take any action. Sometimes, it’s only by using the power of complaint that actual change can occur. To encourage reporting of harassment incidents and ensure the fullest possible investigation of the complaints, all employees need to know how to report incidents. This also means knowing how to communicate with the parties involved to ensure they get the assistance they need. If someone is being harassed, the person needs to know that their safety and privacy are a priority, even if it’s not visible at first.

While construction companies focus heavily on preventing safety issues, preventing problems like harassment is also important. Do not let your company be caught in a situation where it has to deal with a harassment lawsuit. If you have questions about harassment, contact an Asheville contractor attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

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