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Tired of Nonpayment? Here’s What to Do

In the construction industry, there’s nothing more frustrating than finishing your portion of a project and not getting paid for your hard work. Every year, countless subcontractors are forced to deal with general contractors who refuse to pay. Sometimes this is because the general contractor is acting reprehensibly. In other cases, the general contractor is awaiting payment from an owner who refuses to pay. Either way, you aren’t getting paid and your business is the one forced to handle the aftermath.

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we detest the fact that so many subcontractors are forced to deal with nonpayment. You must be paid for any provisions of labor or materials you provide to a project. It’s the law! In this brief article, a Colorado Springs construction lawyer will explain how subcontractors who are tired of nonpayment can get paid. Remember, when nonpayment threatens to derail your business, consult a Colorado Springs construction lawyer with years of experience fighting for the industry. 

Know Your Contract

When is the ideal time for construction contract review in Colorado Springs? As soon as you sit down to read the contract for the first time, you should have a Colorado Springs construction attorney by your side. Construction contracts are long and complex, and if you aren’t fully aware of what you’re signing, you could find yourself seeking payment for work you’ve already completed. An attorney can help you avoid common contract-related pitfalls, like waiving your lien rights and failing to introduce an alternative dispute resolution clause.

File a Mechanics Lien

The mechanics lien is one of the most powerful tools designed to help contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers get paid. That said, it must be wielded responsibly if you want a beneficial outcome, and perfecting a lien isn’t as easy as you might suspect. Fortunately, a Colorado Springs construction lawyer can assist you by filing a lien on your behalf. Starting with a Notice of Intent that includes a copy of the lien you intend to file, our attorneys can help you meet all of the necessary filing and deadline requirements to ensure that you are compensated.

Hire a Colorado Springs Construction Attorney

If you’re tired of nonpayment, it’s time to hire an attorney for contract review in Colorado Springs. Not only can an attorney ensure that your best interests are protected in every contract, but they also can provide the legal help you need when a contract is breached. Every step of the way, from the pre-planning stage to construction wrap-up, you can rest assured that any surprises looming on the horizon well be dealt with by a Colorado Springs construction attorney.

If you would like to speak with a Colorado Springs construction attorney, please contact us today.

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