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Top 5 Workplace Injuries on Construction Sites

Unfortunately, injuries happen every day in the construction industry, and it can sometimes feel like there is little that can be done to prevent them. In this brief article, a Greensboro construction lawyer will list the top five most common workplace injuries on construction sites. We will also give you a few tips to prevent these injuries from happening so that your projects can run smoothly and your workers can return home at the end of their shifts safe and sound. 


Falls represent the most common type of injury that workers face on construction sites. This includes falling from platforms, tripping on cables or equipment, or slipping while working in poor weather conditions. Falls can be particularly dangerous because they can lead to brain injury, neck and spinal cord damage, or death. 

Maintaining a safe work environment with daily safety inspections can help to reduce the risk of falling. There should be safety protocols in place on how to safely work on the job site, which should cover topics like the proper non-slip footwear, hard hats, and fall protection systems. If workers show up wearing clothing that does not comply with safety protocols, they should not be allowed on the jobsite until they’ve donned the proper work attire and personal protective equipment (PPE).


Electrocution is a real concern on construction sites, especially during extensive remodeling projects. The results from being electrocuted range from momentary discomfort to serious injuries that require hospitalization. Having workers wear specialized PPE designed for use on electrical projects can help mitigate some of the risks.


Many different tools and situations can cause someone to be burnt on a jobsite. Depending on the extent of the burn and its location, the burn may or may not require treatment. No matter what caused the burn, all injuries that occur on construction job sites should be documented in an incident report form. If you have any questions about what your company’s incident report form should document, contact a Greensboro construction law firm to learn more.

Cuts and Broken Bones

Cuts and broken bones can occur as a result of other injuries. For instance, if a worker falls off a platform, it is likely that they will break a bone or cut themselves as a result of the fall. Lacerations and broken bones can also happen independently, without the presence of other injuries. 

It is important that any injured worker receives prompt medical care even if the injury seems relatively minor. This not only provides the best care for your employee but also documents the severity of the injury for recordkeeping purposes. 

Equipment-Related Accidents

Heavy equipment, tools, and work trucks are used regularly on most construction sites. This can create dangerous situations, such as equipment-related accidents. Workers can be caught in-between, fall off, or otherwise injured by equipment. 

As equipment is necessary, it can be extremely challenging to try and completely remove the risk of injury to workers on construction sites; however, there are steps that you can take to keep everyone on the job site as safe as possible. This includes investing time in proper safety training courses for employees; ensuring that the right safety measures are in place, such as goggles and gloves; and having a robust safety program in place where employees and contractors continually monitor the site for possible safety hazards. Many larger construction companies hire someone who specializes in workplace safety as a permanent part of their team to do whatever is necessary to reduce the risk of injury.

Even if you take every available safety precautions, it is still possible that a worker will be injured on one of your construction sites. If this happens, call a Greensboro construction attorney as soon as possible. We can help identify hazards on your jobsite and provide you with knowledgeable OSHA defense in the event that you receive an OSHA citation from the incident. 

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