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Tortious Interference with Business Relationships

As the construction industry thrives, fierce business competition is imminent. Establishing proper business relationships is common business sense, but what happens when the pressure and excitement of gaining new business causes even the most level-headed industry professionals to cross the line legally? For this reason, contractors should give attention to the possibility of intentional interference in their business relationships as they seek to secure the attention of 3rd parties and earn their place in the market.

Tortious Interference

Tortious interference occurs when a competitor intentionally meddles in the business relationship between two competitors leading to a breach between those competitors. Law dictates that an outside party should not interfere with present or impending business transactions between parties in an existing business relationship. This could result in a big lawsuit. Let our construction attorneys in Jacksonville help you if you’ve found yourself with a tortious interference claim on your hands.

Damages Incurred

Victims of tortious interference may experience damages such as loss of business, loss of profits, and emotional distress or harm to reputation. Under Florida law, the plaintiff may have rights to the recovery of damages they’ve incurred by pursuing tort action.

How is Tortious Interference Proved

The burned party, now the plaintiff, has every right to seek legal ramifications for damages incurred. Not only can the intruding competitor be held liable for damage, but the party once in the business relationship can be held liable for damages as a result of breaching the business relationship with the plaintiff. In Florida, the following have to be present to prove there’s cause for a case:

  • Was there an existing business relationship between the parties that the defendant was aware of?
  • Did the defendant intentionally interfere with the business relationship?
  • Did the plaintiff experience damage as a result of the business relationship breach?

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