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Traditional and Energy Efficient Services Your Roofing Business Can Provide Part 2

In this two-part article, we are discussing both time-tested services and some of the most rapidly growing trends in the roofing industry. With a residential roofing market that’s increasing at a record pace, it’s an extremely exciting time for roofing contractors to provide a wide range of services to their clientele. This includes both traditional services and the newest energy-efficient services. In the first part, a roofing attorney in Tennessee talked about some of the most basic services roofing contractors can provide including inspections, repairs, and storm preparation and maintenance services. In this section, we will focus on green roofing and solar roofing services.      

Energy Efficient Services

The installation of solar photovoltaic panels is becoming more and more common every year and the solar roofing industry has seen exponential growth as a result. Renewable energy roofs can be installed on any type of rooftop while lower operating costs. There are also many financial incentives accessible through federal and state programs for the homeowner.

Here are some services a roofing contractor can offer their clients:

  • Pre-installation service: Because the installation of solar can be expensive, roofing contractors can offer a pre-installation service that provides the homeowner with the ability to streamline their roofing system to solar in the near future. This includes installing PV mounts.
  • Energy-efficient upgrades: Another option for customers that aren’t ready to make the leap to a solar roof is reroofing services. Homeowners looking to save on their electric bill can replace existing shingles with more energy-efficient ones. Whether it’s asphalt or shake shingles or investing in a metal or tile roofing, any of these options can help reduce energy consumption.    
  • Green roofs: For a drought-tolerant roof that provides proper insulation and also reduces operating costs, many homeowners are opting to have green roofs installed. The demand for green roof installation will continue to grow in the residential sector over the next ten or twenty years, so it’s a great time for roofing contractors to learn as much as they can about this process.

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