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Trusts Attorney in Tampa

A trusts attorney in Tampa can ensure that your assets are protected beyond your living years. There are many types of trusts and many beneficial reasons to create one.

An Attorney for Wills and Trusts in Tampa Can Help You

Every adult should have a living will. This is the first step to creating an estate plan. An attorney for wills and trusts in Tampa can help you draft a will. Our attorneys can also help you distribute your assets into several types of trusts. This ensures that your estate is protected and that your assets are managed the way you want them to be. There are dozens of types of trusts that can be implemented that greatly benefit the overall value of an estate.

Benefits of Developing a Trust

There are tons of advantages to developing a trust with an attorney for wills and trusts in Tampa. Here are some reasons to begin the process today.

  • Management: The primary reason for developing a trust is to manage the assets for your beneficiaries. A trustee (the trust creator) can devise a strategy that distributes assets to the beneficiary to ensure proper management of the funds.
  • Security: Protecting assets is another major reason why trusts are implemented into an estate plan. Creating a trust is an effective way to avoid probate court and retain the value of your assets.
  • Coordination: Trusts can be distributed at a specified time to beneficiaries ensuring assets are preserved. For example, a trust can be created to provide college or retirement funds to the beneficiary.
  • Reducing Taxes: There are a variety of ways an estate planning attorney can develop trusts that reduce the taxes on your estate and provide you with tax exemptions.
  • Avoid Disputes: In the probate process, a will is made public and may lead to family disputes and even litigation over the assets. Trusts are a private way of distributing your assets to beneficiaries to help avoid disputes and probate fees.
  • Specific to Your Needs: Whether it’s assistance with elderly care, transferring property, maintaining interest in your company, ensuring funds have long-term value for your beneficiaries, or a variety of comprehensive estate planning services, a trust can be developed to manage and protect your assets.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

Along with asset management and protection, our law firm can navigate you through a variety of essential estate planning tasks. Whether it’s appointing an executor to your estate or a legal guardian for your children or ensuring your assets all have named a transfer-on-death beneficiary or protecting your interests in your business, an estate planning attorney is here to provide you with comprehensive legal advice for any of these matters and more.

If you would like to speak with a trusts attorney in Tampa, please contact us today.

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