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Understanding the Perceptions of Owners and Contractors

There’s clearly a high degree of disparity between the perceptions of owners and contractors on any given project when it comes to the topic of project management. Although some owners prefer to take a hands-off approach and let the contractor do their job with the expectation that the contract will keep everything in check, other owners are less likely to take their hands off the wheel. This can create significant obstacles for contractors and upend an otherwise successful construction project.

In this brief article, a construction attorney in Wilmington, NC, will discuss the perceptions of owners and contractors when it comes to the topic of project management. If you and an owner find yourself at odds while working together on a project, consult a contractor attorney in Wilmington, NC, for assistance with alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys can help you keep your disputes behind the scenes by seeking out an amicable solution through mediation or arbitration.

Working Toward a Mutual Goal

While contractor-owner disputes are common, both parties ultimately share a mutual desire to complete the project on time and according to the terms of the contract. After all, timely completion can increase profits for both parties. Therefore, it’s always ideal for contractors to cultivate a strong relationship with the owners they work with, especially if they want to continue taking on projects on behalf of the owner.

Key Factors to Success According to Contractors

Contractors typically associate a successful project with a well-defined scope, effective preplanning, strong leadership, first-line supervision, positive client interactions, team chemistry, adaptability, and cohesive upper management cooperation. On the other hand, contractors view the following factors as indicative of unsuccessful projects — poorly defined scope, lackluster management, subpar planning, obstructed communications between engineering and construction, unrealistic timelines, shifting goals, and a lack of strong project control.

Key Factors to Success According to Owners

As we mentioned, owners and contractors often come into conflict despite having very similar end goals. Although they may agree with some contractors’ perceptions of what makes a project successful, they disagree in some key areas. Findings suggest that:

  • Owners generally understand their role in the project, but their conduct differs drastically on a case-by-case basis when put to practice.
  • Early planning and providing bid package information is important to owners, but each owner handles these tasks differently.
  • Owners believe that segmenting large or complex projects into several smaller parts is key.
  • Owners recognize the importance of accurate scheduling, but control methods for staying on track vary by owner.
  • Owners unanimously agree that the workers performing tasks under the contractor are the most important factor in a successful project.

Are you and an owner butting heads? Don’t let an avoidable dispute derail your project, consult a contractor lawyer in Wilmington, NC, for assistance with reaching an amicable resolution.

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