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Unsafe Conditions and Acts That Lead to Roofing Accidents Part 2

All roofing workers should feel confident that their workplace is secure from hazards. If employers and employees alike are not vigilant about mitigating unsafe conditions and acts, the consequence of these accidents can be life-altering. Do not leave anyone’s well-being to chance and consult with a Texas OSHA defense attorney if you have any concerns about safety on your job site. In part one of this two-part series, we defined unsafe conditions and unsafe acts on job sites. Now, we’ll share some prevention tips and habits to help you maintain a safe workplace.

Prevention is Key

Some accidents may occur unexpectedly, but some accidents are the culmination of a chain of events that could have been avoided. Implement these best practices to increase worker safety:

  • The buddy system so each worker can have someone to catch their blind spots
  • A rescue plan in place to promptly rescue an employee in danger
  • Restricted access to keep track of who is on the roof at any given time
  • Regular inspections to discover possible hazards
  • Safety checks in 15 to 20 minute intervals to ensure roofers on top of the roof are safe at all times
  • Warning lines that to alert and prevent roofers from going too close to an edge without the proper safety equipment

Your Habits Matter

Accident avoidance is also about safe workplace habits. If training is provided on your job site, it should be taken seriously because you will need it when you’re in the field. Your actions are within your control which means the following safety practices will ultimately save your life or the life of another.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings and never step backward
  • Separate yourself from distractions (i.e., horseplay, cell phones)
  • Test surfaces before placing your entire weight on it to avoid falling through holes or slipping
  • Make sure your ladders are secure before ascending and descending

Remember, if you choose to behave inappropriately or disregard safety standards, your actions can have a profound effect on those who work around you.

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