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Using Drones for Inspections in Construction Part 2

Could drones be the future of building inspections? At the rate in which this application is growing, it’s not a far-fetched reality. Drones are incredible devices that can be used for construction purposes, namely inspections. In part one, our Nashville construction attorneys talked about the advantage of using drones for construction inspections. Read on to learn about the disadvantages of using drones and choosing a drone provider.

Drones Are Not Perfect

Like any technology, drones are not perfect. If someone unskilled is operating the drone, serious injury could occur to the operator or bystanders. If the pilot is uninsured, project owners could find themselves at risk for a lawsuit. Drones are also very expensive and the permits and logistics may be too costly or time-consuming for some companies.

Choosing a Drone Provider

Rules and drone regulation are evolving fast. Before hiring someone to inspect your property with a drone, be sure they are associated with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and insured. Always ask for proof of their insurance. To assess their knowledge level, ask them about federal, state, and local drone regulations. Additionally, assess their experience by asking for video footage from a previous inspection they’ve completed and requesting referrals. It’s important to understand their experience level your particular space.

Is a Drone Right for Your Project?

Drone use is a relatively new concept. Whether a drone is right for your construction project will depend on different factors. Will the use of a drone improve your operations? Is the location of your building, the cost of building inspection, or the availability of trained pilots in your location conducive for drone use? Your site may or may not be ready for drone use at the moment; nevertheless, it’s best to do thorough research on the different applications so you’ll be ready when it’s time.

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