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Utilizing Safety Software Programs on Construction Projects Part 1 featured image

Utilizing Safety Software Programs on Construction Projects Part 1

As more digital applications are being utilized on construction sites to effectively complete construction work, there has been more and more emphasis recently on implementing this technology into effective safety practices on projects as well. With the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) having recently required that “high risk” businesses (like construction) electronically submit their 2017 injury and illness data, software management programs are close to becoming a mandatory part of the construction industry.

As we will discuss in this two-part article, this software can help companies maintain compliance with federal and state governing bodies.

Electronic OSHA Submissions Usher a New Era

So why is OSHA insisting on electronic submissions of safety and health forms? The government agency claims this is a way to keep valuable data on safety for every business. OSHA admits that this is also a tactic to help motivate companies to ensure their workplace is safe and focused on the best training methods and practices moving forward. Hopefully, this technology can also reduce the number of citations construction projects are issued annually as well. Remember, if your workplace has recently received a citation from OSHA, an OSHA attorney is here to offer you defense against OSHA citations and complaints.

Embracing Construction Management Software

As construction projects are now being required to digitally submit their data, this is one of the first steps by OSHA to ensure that all construction companies are not only properly maintaining their injury and illness data, but also adapting to a digital means of recordkeeping as well. Of course, many contractors will take the next step and adjust their processes to digital means for every aspect of their business operation. From safety protocols to the design process to producing successful construction results, digital applications will be essential in every aspect of the industry in the near future.

In the second section of this article, we will feature many of the ways that health and safety software can help construction management professionals maintain a safer workplace.

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