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Utilizing Safety Software Programs on Construction Projects Part 2 featured image

Utilizing Safety Software Programs on Construction Projects Part 2

Although technology in the construction industry is generally focused on how to effectively and efficiently complete construction work, it can also be greatly beneficial to providing workers with a safer workplace. In this two-part article series, our OSHA lawyers are discussing the importance of utilizing digital applications at your workplace to not only produce successful results, but also to ensure your workplace is safe and in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

As we discussed in the first section, with OSHA’s new electronic application policy, construction business owners must satisfy the government agency’s mandate to “go digital.” In other words, if a construction company fails to submit their annual recordkeeping electronically, the company could receive a significant financial penalty for their failure to comply. Although there are some ways to submit the information without a robust software management system in place, utilizing a digital application for recordkeeping has many benefits and also ensures you are in compliance with government standards.

Efficient Recordkeeping

With health and safety management software, project supervisors can manage all safety and health compliance issues and records electronically. From reporting incidents immediately after they transpire to keeping a digital footprint of all your company’s safety and health records, there are many reasons why a digital recordkeeping database can be a valuable tool for any of your construction projects.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Of course, with cloud-based solutions, all of this valuable data can not only be stored and accessed in a secure online database system, but also can be conveniently shared with any other parties (employees, clients, or government agencies) that need to access the information. By streamlining your recordkeeping system in an online cloud-based system, you can save your company time and money and also ensure you are in compliance with OSHA’s requirements as they can easily access this data.

Analyzing the Data

Software management applications not only create an organized, electronic recordkeeping system for your health and safety information, but the measurable data can also be closely analyzed and help construction professionals determine any potential problems on a project before they arise. From determining risk factors to keeping track of the most recent trends, project management is simplified when you have precise data that tracks all of the relevant information pertaining to your project.

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