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If you receive a costly citation from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), this can offset the finances to fund a project and compromise the day-to-day construction process as well. A steep penalty from OSHA can significantly affect or, in extreme cases, even destroy a businesses’ reputation. If you have received a penalty from OSHA, contact a Volusia County contractor lawyer today. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we are a nationally recognized law firm that is solely dedicated to practicing construction law.

Volusia County Contractor Lawyers That Defend OSHA Citations

If OSHA issues you a citation and the penalty was unwarranted, you will require legal counsel from one of our Volusia County contractor lawyers. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we defend contractors, subcontractors, and other construction professionals against OSHA citations. Our law firm can represent you by responding to the citation or by engaging in either an informal conference or a formal appeal process on your behalf.

Committed to Fighting OSHA Citations

With over 100 years of combined experience devoted to construction law, our Volusia County contractor lawyers are experienced in representing clients accused of a wide assortment of violations. Although every citation is different and greatly depends on the unique circumstances surrounding your citation, there are many reasons why a contractor may be wrongfully issued a penalty by an OSHA inspector for an alleged violation.

Should the Employer Be Liable?

No employer can be omniscient to everything that transpires at their workplace. If an employer is utilizing all the best practices and resources to maintain compliance, there isn’t much the employer can do when an employee willfully violates these established company policies. For example, if a contractor requires all workers to undergo safety training courses, notifies them of all company policies, requires them to wear protective gear at the workplace, and documents all of these programs and policies, there is little the employer can do if an employee deliberately violated these company policies causing the cited action to occur.

Reasons Why You May Appeal Your Citation

There are many legitimate defense arguments to an OSHA citation including that the employer had no knowledge of the misconduct, that certain building safety standards may be functionally impossible to implement on certain projects because of the requirements needed for the construction process, or that some issued citations may not actually pose any form of immediate danger to the workers present. An experienced Volusia County contractor lawyer can closely analyze the details pertaining to your citation and offer you accurate legal counsel on the appropriate action to take in regard to your citation.

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