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Ways Architects Help Keep a Construction Project Under Budget Part 2 featured image

Ways Architects Help Keep a Construction Project Under Budget Part 2

As we discussed in the last section, a reliable architect can create cost-effective solutions before breaking ground by simply considering the operational tasks of the contractor. This is critical as adapting to significant design changes midway through a project is rarely cost-effective or achieved efficiently.

As we will discuss in this section, because adjustments are part of the building process, it’s important to have an architect that can acclimate to these changes and properly communicate solutions to a general contractor. If you are in need of legal counsel, contact a Miami construction attorney today.

The Importance of Communication

As the old saying goes, communication is key. For an architect to be successful in the adjustment phase of a project, they must be able to coexist with the contractor. This can be done by creating solution-based dialogue in an amicable way. In other words, it’s important that the architect pays close attention to the contractor’s building dilemmas, is empathetic to the contractor’s issues, and offers insight that helps provide clear and concise answers that assist the contractor with their problems. Adversely, when an architect provides several options to a contractor but is noncommittal on a definitive solution, this can only create more issues for the contractor as they may be confused on which direction to go moving forward.

Request For Information (RFI) Advice

Communication between an architect and a contractor is often done through the RFI process. When properly utilized, this can be a great tool for keeping an open line of communication between the two construction professionals so they can properly manage the best interest of a project. It’s important during these exchanges that the architect provides the contractor with thorough, concise answers that ensures that both parties are in total agreement on the best practices to follow to ensure the best results. Successful communication can help eliminate any uncertainty.

Architects that can clearly offer valuable insight into the changes needed for a project can be critical to the adjustment process of the project. Further, contractors will appreciate having the right support during the building process to help them remain under budget as well.

For more information on how architects can help a project remain on budget and on time, please read the final section.

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