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Ways Technology Creates a Safer Workplace Part 2 featured image

Ways Technology Creates a Safer Workplace Part 2

When we think of the word “technology,” we usually think of how these innovative applications help businesses with efficiency. Perhaps we don’t think enough of how technology helps companies provide safer workplaces. By properly utilizing advanced technologies, we truly can prevent accidents from transpiring and respond quicker in a time of need.

In this two-part article, we are discussing technology and safety measures. In the first section, we focused on everything from building information modeling (BIM) technology to wearable activity trackers to mobile tracking and how all of these applications can provide a safer workplace. In this section, we will continue to feature applications that can help create an accident-free workplace.

Problem Solving Applications

With smartphones, there are a lot of things we can monitor in regard to our workplace safety. Another benefit of mobile technology is the real-time data we can obtain from these devices. For example, any construction professional or Florida OSHA defense attorney knows that weather can drastically change from a sunny day to a thunderstorm in a matter of minutes. Real-time weather updates are one of dozens of helpful smartphone applications that can help prevent a hazardous situation from transpiring on a jobsite.

Real-Time Communication

Of course, communication is always key to any jobsite and ensuring the health and safety of your workers. Smartphones make it easier for workers to access training manuals, communicate remotely or on the same jobsite, and report any occurrence to a superior within moments of the incident transpiring.

Project Management Programs

As the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is now requiring construction companies to electronically submit essential OSHA forms, businesses should consider shifting to a digital recordkeeping system and also allow the key members of the business uninhibited access to these records. From training programs to keeping valuable records of your workplace incidents to employee health records (workers’ compensation, medical leave information, or other medical documents) to developing measurable data that can help your business understand the health and safety trends transpiring at your workplace, project management programs offer groundbreaking tools that can help ensure your jobsite is safe and in compliance with OSHA standards.

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