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Ways to Retain Skilled Workers in Construction Part 2

In this three-part article, we are discussing ways to retain the best workers at your company. As Knoxville construction attorneys, we know that since the recession in the late 2000’s the labor shortage problem has created a highly contentious work culture in construction that has made retaining skilled workers that much more difficult.

Tangible Ways to Retain Skilled Workers

In the first section, we focused on how companies should offer their best workers more leadership opportunities. By giving your best workers the opportunity to grow and be a part of the administrative process of developing your company, the employee will in return remain loyal to your company as they appreciate the recognition for their hard work and the opportunity for personal development. In this section, we will focus on employee engagement and ways that you can ensure your most talented workers feel like they are part of a team and can see a road to success with your company.

Investing in Leaders

Workers cannot be placed into leadership programs without being placed on the right path for career advancement. You can maximize the potential of your best employees by implementing a strong mentorship program. When you have your most experienced workers that are nearing retirement training your next group of leaders, this is a win-win scenario that helps your younger workers see a vision of their future at your company.

Incorporate the Right Practices

Studies have shown that the annual employee review is antiquated. In a transient work culture, company owners need to consider the logical fact that their outstanding employee may not be around anymore for the next annual review. Instead, employees prefer regular one-on-one engagement. In these meetings, the employee will receive a valuable assessment of their work performance, helpful advice on ways they can improve their performance, and the right direction to move forward and have a successful career with the company. These employee engagement meetings also improve a company’s overall productivity which greatly benefits clients as well.

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