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Welcoming Millennials into the Construction Industry (Part 1) featured image

Welcoming Millennials into the Construction Industry (Part 1)

It is fair to say that we have all been guilty of misjudging the millennial generation before. Whether it is labeling our young professionals as “entitled” or saying they expect a “participation trophy” just for showing up, as construction industry professionals and as Miami construction lawyers, we need to remind ourselves that many of these young men and women will one day become industry leaders paving the way in their desired professional field.

In the first section of this three-part article, we will focus on the need for our youngest generation of professionals to join the construction workforce and ways we can recruit them into the industry. In the second section, we will focus on the right educational path we can provide for these young future craftsmen. In the final section, we will discuss how to properly harness their unique talents to ensure that the construction industry is in good hands for future generations.

The Unfortunate Current Trend

There is a dire need for young professionals in the construction industry. The United States Department of Labor projects that approximately 20 percent of all construction industry professionals will retire in the next ten years. That means many of the best contractors, subcontractors, buyers, and manufacturers will soon be golfing or fishing instead of excelling in their specialized fields within the construction industry. With so many talented professionals leaving the worksite, this also means that jobsite safety prevention and avoiding citation penalties will be a greater challenge for employers moving forward.

Establishing a Foundation

The first step to creating a strong base of young professionals is to recruit them directly out of high schools and junior colleges. Most high schools put their emphasis on graduates to attend a four-year college rather than a trade school. It is important to focus on those young men and women that have perhaps tried the “traditional” route of education and discovered it’s not for them. Thanks to affiliate training programs, many career-oriented millennials can focus on craft training and apprenticeships that they can utilize immediately in the workforce rather than student loans and an uncertain future.

As a Miami construction lawyers, we can assure you that if we fail to replace our experienced industry professionals with young, competent individuals then construction employers will be more prone to experiencing worksite misfortunes that will result in your need to contact one of our Miami construction lawyers.

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