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Are You Licensed?

In the state of Florida, contractors are required to have a license and to work within the scope of their license. Failure to do so is known as unlicensed activity which can result in penalties, license suspension or revocation, and criminal charges. These penalties are the result of the DBPR’s vigilant outreach, sting, and sweep operations to identify and prosecute offenders.

Know Where You’re Permitted to Work

The type of license you possess will determine the type of work you perform and where you can perform it. Contractors are classified as either certified, registered, or a speciality. These classifications are then divided into Division I and Division II. If you are certified, you can perform in the entire state of Florida. If you are registered you may only perform in the specific county where you obtained your license. If you are classified as a specialty, you can only perform work as approved by the Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB).

Licensing Complaints

Get familiar with licensing processes and regulations, and be sure that you are not placing yourself at risk of some of the most common complaints. These include renting out your license, misallocating project funds, working outside of the parameters of your license, abandoning a project you are under contract for. Additionally, be sure you are gather required permits for completing a project and that you are securing the project against negligence and other liabilities.

Help From a Knowledge West Palm License Defense Lawyer

Contracting without a license is a serious offense in Florida. If you are facing allegations against your license, or have had your license revoked or suspended, contact a West Palm license defense attorney as soon as possible to ensure your business and professional reputation remain intact. Our attorneys are well-versed in DBPR licensing regulations, licensing boards, and trial processes, and have successfully represented many clients at the state and local levels.

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