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Along with an extensive list of health and safety regulations, the complexity of the workplace continues to increase. Noncompliance brings with it penalties ranging from minor to severe. Notwithstanding, OSHA’s missions is to ensure employers keep their employees healthy and safe. Abiding by OSHA’s regulations can be confusing and overwhelming but companies can comply with these standards by staying abreast of the changing regulations as well as connecting with an expert West Palm OSHA defense attorney.

Most Cited Violations

When it comes to OSHA compliance, it’s a good idea to review OSHA’s list of the most frequently cited violations to better identify areas of weakness in your own organization. Are you in compliance in the following situations?

  • Providing fall protection for workers working at heights six feet or more
  • Regularly informing employees of the hazards they are exposed to on the job
  • Protecting workers while they work on or around scaffolding
  • Providing proper respiratory protection
  • Following OSHA’s lockout/tagout standard

These are just a few areas employers need to be more cognizant of when it comes to safety in the workplace. When in doubt, visit OSHA’s website for more in-depth standards and regulation requirements.

Achieving a Safe and Healthy Workplace

It takes a proactive employer to achieve a healthy and safe work environment. This will entail working with employees to prevent and recognize hazards before they become a problem. A wise employer will work diligently to provide an environment where employees can feel safe leading to more productivity day in and day out. The benefits of a safe and healthy work environment include higher employee morale, a reduction in work-related injuries and deaths, less injury-related time off, and fewer workers’ compensation claims.

Hire a West Palm OSHA Defense Lawyer

Our law firm is well-acquainted with OSHA law and will work with you to proactively minimize health and safety risks. We assist you with health and safety audits, inspections, and contesting a citation.

If you have been accused of violating OSHA’s standards, contact a West Palm OSHA defense attorney, one who can help you contest a citation and negotiate lower penalties and better abatement terms.

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