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What Documents Are Necessary to Prove a Construction Claim? Part 2

In our continuing series on the documents needed for construction claims, we will further dive into the supporting materials that help when filing a successful claim. Although general contractors are perpetually busy, it’s critical to keep proper documentation of all the daily happenings on a jobsite. It may seem like a hassle on the front end, but it will prove vital should you ever have to file or defend yourself against a claim. Presenting this information to an Orlando construction attorney will allow them to be that much more effective when protecting your interests.

Below are several key documents to track throughout the life of a construction project and reference when you need it. In part one of this series, we cover basic documents needed for construction claims.

Bid Documents

Bid documents can serve as the baseline for basic costs during a project, including allowances for unexpected costs. These documents can be compared with your actual costs to build a case for a claim being filed.

Construction Plans and Specifications

These documents give a baseline for the work that’s supposed to be done on a project. Adjustments from this baseline will indicate if there are grounds for a claim to be filed. Items such as schedules, clarifications, and shop drawings should be included.

Daily Logs

Consistent documentation of everything that happens on a construction site each day is a critical part of defending your claim. Keeping a log of significant events, materials purchased, important conversations, and site conditions, among other items, requires time but is supremely helpful in the claim process.

Other Documentation

There are a number of everyday items that can support your claim. These include:

  • Installation records
  • Labor records
  • Invoices
  • Daily weather reports

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