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What is Required of PPE Controls?

The Hierarchy of Controls tackle the many ways to reduce hazards and risks. The last and least costly part of the Hierarchy of Controls is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Personal Protective Equipment include gear required to be worn on the worksite (i.e. gloves, earplugs, hardhats, and safety goggles). Our OSHA defense lawyers have provided a few PPE requirements to consider in your hierarchy of controls.

Care is Required

Personal Protective Equipment is only as good as the user. Using PPE as a hazard control includes using, maintaining, and caring for all gear properly. In cases where PPE was not provided by the employer and not properly cared for, provide adequate notice on when employees should replace their PPE. There should be a plan for self-inspection as well as an inspection done by supervisors.

Training is Required

You must train your employees on the correct use of their protective gear. Moreover, OSHA requires that all employees be properly trained on PPE use. After the training is completed, have employees sign off that the information shown is also understood.

Workplace Assessment is Required

The employer is required to evaluate the worksite for hazards and for the PPE that combats each hazard. The assessment has to be official and the workers must sign and notate that the assessment was received (1910.132(d)(2)). After the employer assesses the worksite, the employer is required to provide the PPE needed to comply with OSHA standards. For examples of PPE equipment that employers are required to provide, visit here.

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