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What Makes a Leader? The Qualities of an Ideal Project Supervisor

A construction supervisor has one of the most challenging jobs in the industry. They have to oversee subcontractors, ensure that work meets high-quality standards, and work directly with the project manager, all while keeping workers safe in an industry that makes up 3 of the 10 most dangerous jobs in America. Finding a trusted, decisive supervisor is vital if you want your projects to reach completion minus the delays, violations, and injuries that have plagued other project sites. 

Below, a Naples construction lawyer discusses the qualities of a great leader and ideal project supervisor. For all of your construction-related legal needs, consult the team of Naples construction attorneys from Cotney Construction Law. 

Prioritizes Safety 

A project supervisor’s number one priority is to ensure the safety of each and every worker that steps foot onto the construction site. As stipulated by the OSH Act of 1970, employers are responsible for furnishing a place of employment “free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.” Their primary job function is to communicate safety rules and policies to all workers and subcontractors on your behalf while ensuring that these rules are followed. A comprehensive employee handbook can go a long way in ensuring that your workforce has not only been informed of safety requirements but also given a readily available rundown of their responsibilities. 

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It’s not enough to simply report safety violations. Your supervisors must foster a safe work environment and encourage workers to come forward with any hazards they’ve identified. They must act swiftly when a worker brings up unsafe working conditions and never dismiss their concerns out of hand. However, not all workers are interested in following safety procedures and may even think of safety precautions, such as fall protection, as a hassle. In order to ensure the safety of your workers, a supervisor will need to show them how it’s done. 

Leads By Example

Here’s the honest truth: no workforce will ever respect a supervisor who fails to abide by their own rules. An ideal supervisor never forgets to don a hardhat when entering a project site and always wears the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). When your workforce sees a supervisor abide by safety standards, they’ll quickly follow suit. 

On smaller jobs, your supervisor may be expected to work alongside workers. While many people outside of the industry believe that manual labor is beneath them, it’s what laborers contend with every day. By picking up the slack, the ideal supervisor shows workers that their time and efforts are valued, which is sure to boost morale. 

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Gives an Inch, Not a Mile 

The construction industry is one of the most intensive industries to work in; there’s no doubt about it. Construction workers must regularly contend with injuries, tough schedules, and demanding work, and an unfortunate reality is that many turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Then there’s always the problem worker who, while not under the influence, is either a distraction, not where they should be, or just causing problems. Workers like those mentioned can create hazardous situations that lead to injuries and an inspection from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). An ideal supervisor will know when to encourage a worker to get help for drug addiction and when a problem worker needs to be let go. They’ll know when to cut those under them some slack and when to put their foot down. 

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Keeps a Watchful Eye 

Construction sites are a hive of activity with subcontractors and sub-subcontractors regularly coming and going. An ideal supervisor ensures that work is completed not only according to schedule but also to the highest standards. They should be computer literate in order to both document subcontractor progress and instantly communicate potential issues to the project manager. In many instances, a construction supervisor will be your first line of defense against anything that could threaten project completion. Disputes, delays, and defects can all be avoided when you work with a supervisor who knows what they’re looking for. 

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