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What Qualities Make Contractors Standout Part 1

It’s common knowledge in the construction industry that competition is fierce. Large construction companies and individual contractors are vying for projects in Orlando and throughout the country. The ability to stand out as a contractor is often what defines your success. While the customer applies certain expectations of your job performance, they are actions you can take to standout in their minds.

The Orlando construction lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants understand that everything counts when it comes to attaining customers and getting them to refer you to new customers. This two-part series will describe specific qualities that customers seek in contractors. For more qualities, skip ahead to part two.

A Good Reputation

In the eyes of potential customers, you are your reputation. Even if you do excellent work, your reputation must be cultivated. Ask customers if they have friends that will need your services. They may not naturally think to do so. More importantly, ask customers to do reviews on Yelp or Angie’s List. Often times, the first place a customer looks for your services is through a Google search.

Great Customer Service

How you treat your customers is directly correlated to your success. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. When they hire you for a project, they are placing a great deal of trust in you and your crew. Construction projects are investments. By answering questions, listening to feedback, and communicating your plans, your clients will feel more confident in your abilities.

Highly Organized

Having an organized project plan and being able to manage employees and subcontractors efficiently will make your company an effective organization. It will also make a great impression on your clients. When clients see a well-organized construction site, they are assured that you are professional and that work will done correctly.

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