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What Qualities Make Contractors Standout Part 2

If you are starting your own business, being good is great. Being the best is better. However, being the best requires an extensive amount of work, attention to detail, and passion. If the structure that you produce is the big product, it’s the little things you do that make a big difference with customers.

As Orlando construction attorneys, we’ve worked with a great deal of contractors over the years. There are specific qualities that allow you to standout from the crowd. In the first part of this series, we discussed why qualities like a great reputation and organizational skills are so important. Here’s a few more qualities to aspire to in your construction business.


You can impress clients with the level professionalism you exhibit in your interactions. Excellent customer service, a pleasant demeanor from you and your staff, and respect for your client’s property will help you build trust and a tremendous reputation. Exceed expectations by showing clients that their business is more than a paycheck.

Fully Insured

More and more consumers are asking to see proof of insurance. Not only is it illegal to work without insurance, it causes clients to have lesser view of your services, if you don’t have it. Even if you are able to gain clients, they will sense that your services should be inexpensive.

Financially Healthy

Another area of trust lies in how much you charge upfront for a project. While you will likely have to charge a specific amount upfront, the more you charge, the more suspicion you will arouse. That’s why being financially healthy is so important. You may need to make payroll or pay for the initial set of supplies from your own funds. Not relying on your client for initial project purchases builds your reputation as a business that they can trust with their construction investment.

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