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What to consider when selecting a roofing subcontractor?

The combination of time and weather can do a number on a roof. Choosing a certified and high quality roofing subcontractor is a key component to your project. Below is a list, in order of priority, of things to consider when hiring a roofing subcontractor for any roofing project.

Ask for a Quote

Get a quote from at least three subcontractors in the area. This quote should be in writing and be detailing the time, products, pricing, and warranty options going into your roof.

Ask Questions

Just like a job interview, you should have questions prepared. Ask the following questions before selecting a professional roofing subcontractor:

  1. How long has the roofing subcontractor been in business?
  2. Does the roofing subcontractor have an office address, phone, and email?
  3. In the case of emergency, what is the roofing subcontractor’s preferred method of communication?
  4. Does the roofing subcontractor use sub-subcontractor?
  5. Does the roofing subcontractor require a deposit?
  6. Is the roofing subcontractor registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?
  7. Does the roofing subcontractor have liability insurance?
  8. Is the roofing subcontractor part of local and national industry associations?
  9. Can the roofing subcontractor provide references of previous customers?

Verify Reputation

A reputable roofing subcontractor will provide you feedback from satisfied contractors. Choose a well-established roofing subcontractor that is dependable, that way if there is a dilemma they will fulfill their obligation and address the errors. Review the subcontractor contract with a Sarasota construction attorney to clarify any concerns.

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