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What to Do in the Aftermath of a Hurricane Part 1 featured image

What to Do in the Aftermath of a Hurricane Part 1

Hurricane season is upon us, and the residents of North Carolina have already been impacted by Hurricane Florence. As people across the country face the challenge of rebuilding their lives and communities, we must still brace ourselves for the possibility of more hurricanes since we are still in the throes of hurricane season.

The construction industry is no exception. Construction professionals at every level face unique challenges when a natural disaster such as a hurricane strikes their site. It will take a fast response and a well-thought-out recovery action plan to rebuild their own business or to assist others in their restoration efforts. Our Charlotte construction lawyers will provide some tips to help construction professionals in their recovery efforts after a hurricane. Read part two for the rest of our tips.

Communicate With All Parties

Communication is critical to moving forward. Keep all company leadership visible and reachable and meet with all employees to review your plans for moving forward. Also, contact subcontractors, suppliers, and clients to inform them of the disruptions operation as well as when you will resume normal operations.

Assess the Damage and Contact Your Insurer

Companies suffer disaster in a variety of ways. The key to insurance coverage is identifying the cause of the damage on the job site. Damage could be a direct result of the storm due to rain, flooding, or wind, and although the damage may result from the storm, your specific policy may not cover every component. This is why you must examine your damage, review your policy, and call your insurer immediately to verify your coverage and exclusions.

Keep Accurate Records

As Charlotte construction attorneys, we advise construction professionals to properly document any damage arising from the hurricane. Keeping accurate records is crucial for limiting or eliminating liabilities. Make note of any lost inventory or damage to your company’s buildings, vehicles, or equipment.

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