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What To Know About The Scope Of Work in a Construction Contract Part 2

In What To Know About The Scope Of Work in a Construction Contract Part 2, we will continue to explain the importance of the Scope of Work provision in your construction contract. The clarity of a proper Scope of Work will help a contractor save time and money when a dispute arises. To view the first half of this article, please visit Part 1.

What Commissions A Scope Of Work Change?

When it comes to construction projects, Scope of Work changes are often inevitable. As construction attorneys in Orlando, some of the most common reasons we’ve come across for making amendments to the Scope of Work are as follows:

  • Delays in the project; from either party
  • Construction defects during the process
  • Any additional work that is needed; from either party
  • Changes in site conditions

To avoid any disputes about Scope of Work changes or adjustments, we highly recommend that all contractors obtain written permission to begin any Scope of Work changes from the owner.

What Are Extra-Contractual Provisions?

In the construction industry, contracts rarely remain unchanged during a project. In some instances, changes can be made to the contract as the project goes on. These changes, Extra-Contractual provisions, become part of the Scope of Work as you continue with your project and they will dictate one party’s liability to another if a dispute comes about. Another example of Extra-Contractual provisions is when a third party agreement is added to the contractor’s Scope of Work. A few examples of Extra-Contractual Provisions are:

  • Unforeseen weather or site conditions
  • Increases in material quantities from the original estimate
  • Remedying any design deficiencies

How Can Your Attorney Help?

A construction attorney in Orlando can assist you in defining your Scope of Work. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants we have over 14 years of combined experience working in construction law. Our lawyers are highly experienced with writing Scope of Work provisions, which can greatly reduce your liability in the event of a dispute..

To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced construction lawyers in Orlando, please call us today.

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