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What to Review Before Signing a Construction Contract Part 2

Contrary to popular belief, a contract signing doesn’t just happen. No doubt embarking upon a new project can be exciting, but many things can go wrong simply from getting off on the wrong start. Construction professionals must approach every project contract with a cautiously optimistic mindset. This is why our Jacksonville construction lawyers have compiled a list of things you should review before you sign the contract. To review the first set of items, read part one of our article.

Review the Bid

You’ve won the bid, now you’re responsible for meeting the terms of the contract. What do you do now? You want to make sure that you review the bid before you proceed any further and become familiar with important contacts. If you have any final questions about the contract, now’s the time to resolve them. Review your quality control program, begin issuing orders, plan production, and keep accurate records as you proceed.

Review the Project Schedule

Do you and your crew understand the schedule and can you meet the requirements of the schedule? Have you consider possible delays that can occur along the way due to worker shortage, weather issues, or material problems? With these factors in mind, you need to know if you can honor the schedule and mitigate whatever risks that may arise.

Visit the Jobsite

Would you purchase a house without seeing it in person? Granted this may be the case for those who are investing in properties for flipping purposes; however, this isn’t the norm in home purchasing. Just like you’ll want to walk-through your new home, you’ll want to visit the jobsite to ensure it is in the condition it is supposed to be. You’ll want to assess the logistics of the site and to get an idea of the parking, the availability of power, soil conditions, and potential hazards. You’ll want to understand the requirements of demolition, protection, and the clearing that’s required too.

Using our guide as a starting point to your own checklist will position you for greater success with less risks. If you need further assistance, a our Jacksonville construction lawyers are available to assist you with legal questions pertaining to reviewing and drafting your contract and other legal documents.

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