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What You Need to Know About Change Orders Part 5 featured image

What You Need to Know About Change Orders Part 5

As Fort Lauderdale construction lawyers, we know that additional work on a project can lead to a number of significant issues. For example, if a contractor stops their work because adjustments are needed on a project, they could be in violation of their contract. Adversely, if the contractor makes significant changes to a project without seeking signed approval of these changes by the other contracted party, they may be in violation of their contract as well. There are many reasons why it’s important to contact a Fort Lauderdale construction lawyer if you are in need of a change order request.

In this section and the final section, we will provide you with some important tips to ensure that your change order is effective and permits you to make the necessary adjustments on a project. For more information on change orders, please read sections one, two, three, and four.

Streamlining the Change Order Process

Drafting and reviewing change orders can be time-consuming and challenging for a contractor or construction company. Realistically, a construction professional will be so busy with their day-to-day tasks that creating a change order will eat away at their productivity. It’s best to hire a Fort Lauderdale construction lawyer to create a change order for you at a fixed price. With a knowledgeable attorney drafting your change order, they can not only create a document that tracks the changes needed for the project, but will also bring attention to how the changes will impact the original contract and the value of that agreement. This also gives you a template that you can potentially utilize for many of your projects.

Digital Evidence of Adjustments Needed

In a perfect scenario, contractors will have ample time to undergo the change order process and everything will be mutually agreed to by all of the affected parties before any action is needed. As any construction professional knows, things can change quickly on a project and sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise out of thin air. If a task outside of the original contract needs immediate attention, the construction professional needs to document everything in regard to the adjustments they are making.

With smartphones, we all have a camera at our disposal to take photographs and videos. Contractors should always take plenty of photos of their work tasks especially when they need to make impromptu changes to their assignment. In cases where a contractor is applying for a change order, change order requests that have photographic support of the changes that need to be made are typically well received by owners compared to change orders without any additional photographic exhibits.

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