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What You Need to Know About Change Orders Part 6

Construction disputes can occur for a variety of reasons. When adjustments need to be made to a project, disputes only become more prevalent and often result in the need for a Fort Lauderdale construction lawyer. In this six-part article, in sections one, two, three, four, and five, we covered everything you need to know about the change order request process from proposals to agreements to the specific types of change orders. In this section, we will conclude our series.

The Mental State of a Change Order Request

Significant changes to a project can affect the psyche of anyone locked into a contract. For example, the contractor wants to be ensured compensation for additional work; whereas, the owner may feel that the contractor failed to perform their position to the best of their capabilities. In some cases, the owner may feel that the contractor is deliberately raising their costs by requesting a change order. Project adjustments bring several elements into play and construction professionals have to strategize and manage their decisions ethically as well.

Provisions in the Contract

Before a project begins, a contractor should have a Fort Lauderdale construction lawyer review their contract. Your legal counsel can ensure that change orders are featured in this written agreement. It’s important to specify in writing the necessary steps to perform additional work on a project. Having a clearly worded contract that provides both the owner and contractor with the change order approval process can alleviate a lot of potential problems when adjustments are needed. Similarly, the contractor needs similar agreements in place with subcontractors as well.

Putting Pen to Paper

With a construction project, there can be many moving parts and often written agreements are overlooked in favor of productivity. If changes are needed to the overall scope of work, it’s important that construction professionals go through this change order process. Afterall, additional time and additional resources result in additional compensation. Sometimes when the total price is listed in a change order request, the owner may decide that the value of the additional work doesn’t align with the total value for the changes. It’s always better to have a change order denied than to perform the work and end up in a dispute over payment.

Successful construction businesses rely on the accurate legal advice and counsel of Fort Lauderdale construction lawyers. At Cotney Construction Attorneys, our attorneys draft, review, and revise construction contracts. If you need assistance with a change order, we can help.

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