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What You Should Know About Roofing Warranties Part 2

Working in the roofing industry makes you susceptible to legal issues. This is why counsel from a reputable roofing attorney in Florida is invaluable. Aside from the types of roofing warranties we discussed in part one of our article, we think it’s important to mention the types of issues that could void a warranty as well. It is crucial that roofers also focus on key clauses that can reduce their liability should an issue such as a defect arise down the road.

What Voids a Roof Warranty?

Providing high-quality work should be every roofer’s top concern. Even if there are warranties in place, there are some mishaps that could happen that could void a warranty—this could be the fault of the roofer or an owner. These include:

  • Improper Installation: Manufacturers have strict guidelines for installing their products. Failing to follow these guidelines leads to problems for the homeowner including the repair not being covered by the warranty.
  • Pressure Washing: Many owners get their roofs pressure washed, but pressure washing incorrectly can deteriorate parts of the roof, which will void a warranty.
  • Poor Roof Ventilation: Poor ventilation causes moisture to get trapped which causes roofing materials to wear prematurely and void the warranty.
  • Installing Foreign Objects: Owners who install antennas and satellite dishes can end up voiding their warranty if leaks occur as a result of installing the devices.
  • Improper Fastening: Improper fastening causes shingle failure which is not covered by the manufacturer warranty.
  • Installing a New Roof On Top of an Old Roofing Materials: Most warranties are voided if a new roof is installed on top of an old one due to the bulges that may occur or the inability of the shingles to dissipate heat.

Contract Clauses

Drafting a strong contract is the standard in the construction industry. However, the types of clauses added to your contract will further protect your roofing business and bottom line. An experienced roofing lawyer in Florida can ensure that your contract addresses claims and losses such as a warranty which specifically defines what repairs you will make as well as any time limits. This will prevent you from agreeing to warranty obligations above the statutory and implied warranty obligations you already owe the owner. Contact the Cotney Attorneys & Consultants law firm to have your roofing contracts reviewed or drafted for your next project.

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