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What You Should Not Do When Disputing a Claim

Depending on the size of your project, it is probably unrealistic to expect the project to move along without experiencing any problems. With tight schedules and many moving parts, it can be easy to let some things slip and to experience a dispute. If you find yourself facing a claim, our Miami construction litigation attorneys know that the best way to avoid disputes is to plan wisely and avoid the following “don’ts” when disputing a claim:

Don’t Procrastinate

It’s important to deal with project problems as they come. Instead, a prime contractor may advise the subcontractor to deal with issues after the project has ended. As Miami construction litigation attorneys we understand the importance of staying on schedule to get the job done. However, when you put the issues off, you end up losing negotiation power for the extra work and costs incurred if you need to file a claim. Dealing with problems promptly will work out better for contractors in the end.

Don’t Sign or Accept Releases

It’s important for everyone to understand what they are signing. If you sign a release hastily, you could end up releasing the opposing party from liability or expose yourself to more liability. To be safe, don’t sign any document related to a claim unless advised to do so by an attorney or your insurance company. With the help of an Miami construction attorney, you’ll be able to negotiate release language that could be harmful to your company. Doing so could save you from considerable expenses and liability in the future.

Don’t Make Any Payments or Provide Any Services

You may feel that a particular claim isn’t a huge deal, and therefore, may want to remedy the issue immediately by fixing the problem or writing a check. However, this may create additional problems for you. Again, consult your attorney or insurer to be sure you aren’t risking your insurance coverage.

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