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When’s The Right Time to Seek Construction Legal Counsel Part 1

When it comes to construction and construction law, you can either pay now or pay later. While you may think that it’s difficult to justify the need for construction legal counsel, hiring an Orlando construction lawyer can save you a great deal of headaches in the long run. The construction industry is complex in nature. Many separate entities come together to form one structure. These entities fall in different tiers when it comes to compensation for their work with general contractors being the most likely to get paid quickly and the employees of subcontractors being the least likely. Issues involving payment can cause a great deal of friction among parties and can lead to conflicts. These conflicts can be pricey. More pricey than creating a solid contract to accounts for how all parties will get paid and provides provisions for how conflicts will be resolved.

Working with Orlando construction lawyers before a conflict arises may seem like an additional cost but it will cost much more in financial resources and time lost to contact them once a problem arises.

Here’s a few reasons why now is the right time to contact construction legal counsel. For more reasons, visit part two of this series.

Contact a Construction Lawyer During the Contract Phase

One of the most important actions that a construction lawyer can perform for you is providing assistance with contracts. A construction lawyer is well versed in the nuances of contracts for this industry and can make sure that your interest is protected. They can also review contracts, point out items that are not in your best interest, and provide advice on how to combat them.

Addressing Building Regulations

Local and federal regulations regarding construction can be complicated. That’s why it’s always a good idea to speak with a construction attorney who can review your idea and identify the potential issues that you may face.

Obtaining Government Permission

A construction attorney can speak on your behalf when obtaining permission from the government at any level to conduct a construction project in certain areas or allow for specific actions that are conducive to the construction process.

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