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Who Will Fill the Labor Void in the Roofing Industry?

Prior to 2006, the construction industry had a surplus of workers. Post-recession, however, millions of construction jobs were eliminated. The industry has recovered from the recession, but not many are jumping at the opportunity to work in construction these days.

According to an Associated General Contractors of America survey, 69 percent of Texas contractors are having trouble finding skilled and qualified workers. The labor shortage can have a profound effect on the roofing industry, namely in the form of delays. If you find that your current project timelines are in a pinch, you may end up needing the assistance of a roofing attorney in Texas.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Veteran Unemployment as of October 2017 is 2.7 Percent. Although the unemployment rate has declined as compared to 2016, many veterans are still looking for viable employment options. The roofing industry can combat the current labor shortage by engaging with this group. As a result of their military training, many veterans already possess leadership skills, strong personal integrity, respect for accountability and procedures, and the ability to learn new skills.


Millennials are entering the labor market but many pursue careers in corporate America. Now that baby boomers are exiting the construction industry, the labor shortage has worsened. Individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 are not interested in what they consider to be physically demanding jobs. To appeal to the millennial audience, roofing companies must be willing to invest in early recruitment and training programs, provide mentorship, and offer attractive incentives and pay.


There are women already working in the construction industry, but even less work in the roofing industry. Many more women are needed to help combat the labor shortage. Roofing employers are the key to opening more doors for women. With the proper training, women can do the same jobs as men. Additionally, women roofers can add a sense of safety for some clients, especially those who may prefer to work with female clients from a security standpoint.

Having a more diverse labor force can be a strategic move for roofing businesses. No matter who you hire, ensure they are highly qualified if you want to avoid roofing claims and disputes which may require the intervention of a roofing lawyer in Texas.

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