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Why a Clean Construction Site Matters

As we all know, there’s a lot of dirty work involved in construction. Dust is flying constantly, building materials are being moved from place to place, and items are being sawed, hammered and molded at a rapid pace. Naturally, this creates a great deal of waste. Cleaning on a construction site is as important a task as any in the duration of a project. As Bradenton construction lawyers, we’ve seen our share of construction sites. The most successful companies we’ve encountered almost always had clear, organized construction sites.

The objective of this article is to shed light on why making the extra effort to have a clean construction site has a positive impact on your company.

Why Having a Clean Jobsite Matters

OSHA Compliance: OHSA requires that companies maintain clean jobsites in order to create a safe environment for workers. If you have questions about other ways in which you can achieve OSHA compliance, speak to one of the Bradenton contractor lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

Safety: When debris is left lying around a jobsite, the likelihood of injury increases exponentially. Items such as wood scraps can be tripped over. Or nails can be stepped on causing serious injury. A clean construction site may be the best way to reduce on the job incidents.

Productivity: A clean, organized construction site increases productivity because time is not wasted searching for tools or materials. Also, there are certain tasks, such as painting that require a clean surface. Regular cleaning prevents those activities from being delayed.

Maintaining a Good Reputation: Fair or not, your company is being judged on the cleanliness of your jobsite, especially for residential builders. When people are looking to have a home built they have to have a lot of faith and bit of vision. The best way to help them see the connection between a bare bones construction site and the home of their dreams is for it to be clean when they view it. Doing this builds trust in your brand and can lead to more jobs.

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