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Why an OSHA Defense Attorney is an Asset

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) performs thousands of inspections each year to ensure that construction companies are abiding by important safety regulations. Although your company may be familiar with OSHA standards, an OSHA defense attorney can still be an important asset to your company. For instance, an OSHA attorney can guide you through the post-inspection process if you are wrongfully cited and protect your business when an employee complaint was not made in good faith. 

Protection from Wrongful Citations

Although many construction companies operate with their employees’ best interests at heart, even the most vigilant teams can still be cited for OSHA violations. These violations may be made in error, and when that is the case, an OSHA attorney can walk you through the process of contesting the citation. 

It is important to contact OSHA defense attorneys as soon as a citation is received. There is a strict time limit to respond to and challenge a citation — legal counsel can ensure that this deadline is met. An attorney can also discuss the necessary documentation needed to support your case and submit all necessary forms to contest the citation. 

Protection from False Claims

Employees are entitled to make claims to OSHA without fear of retaliation from employers. These complaints will often result in an inspection. Although these complaints are often made in good faith, a disgruntled employee may make a false claim. If that’s the case, OSHA defense attorneys will be able to walk you through the necessary steps to protect your business. Legal counsel will also protect your business from false claims or claims made in bad faith and ensure that any necessary changes to your jobsite are met. 

OSHA attorneys will also protect your business in the event that a false workers’ compensation claim is made. They will assist with discussing the matter with employees and advise you on your legal rights. Additionally, your legal counsel will ensure that your business carries the necessary insurance coverage to prevent further issues and protect your employees.  

Cotney’s Attorneys & Consultants experienced attorneys can provide sound legal advice to construction professionals at every level and for any OSHA-related matter you need assistance with. Not only do we advise our clients on legal matters, but we also provide representation in court, mediations, and arbitrations when necessary. We also advocate for clients involved in licensing complaints, OSHA citations, labor and safety violations, permitting issues, and stop-work orders. 

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