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Why Focusing on Technology Will Help Increase Construction Productivity

The productivity problem in the construction industry is undeniable. Although the industry has only just begun to scratch the surface with technology, it is a key to improving how efficiently things are done. Our Sarasota construction lawyers believe the construction industry can benefit significantly from the leveraging of technology as a means to increase productivity.

The industry needs a technological transformation for several reasons: the industry is plagued with overly complex and bureaucratic processes, slow document control and distribution, and a lack of access to needed information. Technology will help close the performance gap, reduce manpower in critical areas, and attract new talent to fight the labor shortage.

Close the Performance Gap

According to a recent construction survey, most construction executives believe that construction performance levels are subpar, yet, they believe technology is one of the keys to bridging the performance gap. Building smarter will increase performance. Those that participated in the survey believe that integrating project management information systems, building information modeling, and advanced data analytics will deliver the greatest return on investment.

Reduce Manpower

Although the industry is experiencing a labor shortage, introducing technology in certain areas will help workers work more efficiently in other areas. Machines such as the Tybot, for example, are capable of doing what humans can do and free up available people to work on other tasks. This is especially valuable during the construction industry’s labor shortage. The Tybot can tie rebar on bridges. It is estimated that the use of technology such as this can cut labor hours in half as well as reduce rebar-related injuries, which will also reduce your need for a Sarasota construction attorney.

Attract New Talent

On the other side of the manpower coin, is the technology’s ability to attract the next generation to the construction industry to combat the labor shortage. Progressive construction companies are those that embrace digitization and utilize new technologies like IoT-based wearables, analytics solutions, building information modeling, smart tools, and project management software. These technologies help to optimize the workforce which is an attractive incentive for millennials.

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