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Why Inspecting the Construction Site Matters

Worker safety is at the core of the construction industry. Because of this, inspections are an important component of an effective safety program. Safety inspections are one of the most effective ways to identify and correct unsafe workplace conditions. Regular inspections will help construction professionals to be proactive instead of reactive about jobsite safety.

The Importance of Conducting Inspections

Our Fort Lauderdale construction lawyers know that the best defense against illnesses, injuries, and deaths in the workplace is a comprehensive understanding of any deficiencies within your company. Through inspections, you will be able to identify risk exposures, liability issues, and you can potentially save your company from an OSHA violation. Once you’ve identified a hazard, you can correct it in a cost-effective manner. You can also use the inspection as an opportunity to improve your safety and training programs and to develop and implement site specific safety plans. More importantly, you can save a worker’s life.

Benefits of an Inspection

Inspections are one of the main ways in which management can invest in a safe work environment. Regular site inspections are critical for improving safety practices as well as:

  • Determining potential work site hazards
  • Implementing safety practices
  • Preventing worker injuries
  • Avoiding possible safety violations
  • Maintaining an alert state of mind
  • Improving construction quality
  • Promoting greener construction practices
  • Potential Inspection Challenges

Although inspections provide amazing benefits, there are some challenges that accompany them. Some believe that inspections:

  • Use up an excessive amount of resources
  • Are inadequate where data is concerned
  • Fail to consider smaller construction projects
  • Can be inefficient if they are scheduled instead of spontaneous

Construction professionals can take steps to improve the inspection process by promoting transparency, presenting a clear plan so everyone will know what to expect, providing opportunities for collaboration, giving access to progress reports, and properly training inspectors.

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