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Why It is Smart to Attend Pre-Bid Meetings Part 2

Our Raleigh construction law firm is well-versed in the construction bidding process and its challenges. We know that a busy schedule can make it is easy to downplay the necessity of a pre-bid meeting, but it is an important step in the preconstruction process that can help you optimize your project proposal. Prospective bidders should show up to the pre-bid meetings prepared with questions and ready to engage during the event.

In section one of our article, we discussed the importance of pre-bid meetings. In this last part, we will conclude our series with more reasons to attend these valuable meetings.

Meet the Procuring Entity

The pre-bid meetings are hosted by the procurement authority or the company issuing the solicitation. The procurement entity’s role is to ensure that the bid process is managed well on behalf of the company that is seeking goods or services. A representative (or team) from the procuring entity will be present to discuss the entire solicitation document. You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and establish a relationship with the procurement team which could be beneficial for you. Not only will they be able to “put a face to the name,” but you’ll have an opportunity to get a better understanding of what they are looking for so you can adjust your bid accordingly.

Check Out the Competition

Serious bidders make it their priority to attend pre-bid meetings. They are your potential competition, so it is a good idea to attend the pre-bid meeting to see the caliber of talent you are up against. At this meeting, you can get an idea of the number of companies interested in the project. You can also use this as an opportunity to network with some of these companies, so carry your business cards, as you could be working with them on a future project.

Improve Your Submission

Procurement entities give essential tips for writing an effective bid proposal. After attending the pre-bid meeting and getting a better understanding of the project requirements and specifications, you should have a more realistic understanding of the project. You will be able to incorporate your new insights and better align your response with the needs of the potential client. Your final submission should improve considerably in comparison to if you had not attended the meeting.

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