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Why OSHA Lawyers Are Important to Work With Before a Citation

Each year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducts over 33,000 inspections. Of those inspections, nearly two-thirds are cited for some compliance-related issue. With that statistic in mind, preparing for an inspection can be stressful. Although your construction company may be well versed in jobsite regulations, OSHA attorneys can help your team prepare for and manage inspections.

OSHA Lawyers Know What to Expect

It can be difficult for construction business owners to know what to expect from an inspection, especially when their company is new or their jobsite hasn’t been inspected in the past. During a preemptive meeting with an OSHA lawyer, you will learn what will be expected of you and your team during and after an inspection. An OSHA attorney can also discuss the types of documentation, including safety logs, corporate records, and camera footage, that you will need to provide to an OSHA inspector.

Additionally, an OSHA lawyer will discuss your rights before an inspection. For example, if an inspector arrives without notice, you should contact your OSHA attorney to determine the best course of action to take. Post-citation, OSHA lawyers are experienced in handling the next steps, including challenging a citation and correcting an issue, among other services that protect your business.   

OSHA Attorneys Can Identify Problems Before an Inspection

Construction companies have a legal obligation to adhere to OSHA’s regulations and standards at every jobsite. While these standards may seem simple on the surface, the laws behind them are complex, which is why access to an OSHA attorney is so beneficial.

OSHA lawyers are highly knowledgeable when it comes to OSHA regulations and can provide a helpful third-party audit of your jobsite to uncover common sources of citations and ensure that your workplace is compliant with safety requirements. Just as they can prepare you for what to expect from an inspection, a construction attorney can also prepare you for the legal issues that your jobsite may face if a citation is accidentally overlooked. 

Protection Beyond Inspection

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we know that OSHA citations can be stressful and difficult to navigate, which is why hiring an experienced OSHA attorney can make the process easier for you and your company. An attorney can not only assist during an OSHA inspection but also provide safety audits and help you understand how to avoid future OSHA citations.

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