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Why the Nashville Construction Boom is Outpacing Competitors like Birmingham Part 2 featured image

Why the Nashville Construction Boom is Outpacing Competitors like Birmingham Part 2

The Nashville construction boom is creating more opportunities for contractors in “Music City,” increasing competition for lucrative bids, and with it, the frequency of construction-related disputes. If you’re working in this burgeoning city, consult a Nashville construction dispute lawyer to handle any contractual disputes or other construction-related conflicts.

In part one of this two-part series, a Nashville construction dispute attorney discussed some of the reasons for Nashville’s explosive growth over the last 40 years compared to other cities like Birmingham, which has failed to match strides. Now, we will continue to discuss this topic focusing on the qualities of Nashville that has helped it reach its status as one of the most popular cities in the United States.

The Beginning of the Nashville Construction Boom

In the 1960s, local leaders who saw the potential for Nashville’s growth took action to ensure a bright future for the city. They merged the city and county government to allow the suburbs to work in conjunction with Nashville’s urban areas. Later, in the 1990s, Nashville established itself as a travel destination by building a convention center, a hockey arena, and a new location for the Country Music Hall of Fame.

It seems as if every good decision made by Nashville was mirrored with a poor decision in Birmingham. Remember, Nashville and Birmingham were basically identical 40 years ago; however, a series of economic gaffes and an incomplete vision of Birmingham’s potential lead to a lack of growth through the 1980s and beyond. Formerly one of the most prolific steel producers in the country, Birmingham was beat out by foreign competition and succumbed to a financial crisis that ravaged the city’s job market.

Why Nashville Stands Out

Nashville has continually invested in its popular downtown district over the last 40 years. Big project after big project has revived downtown Nashville every time it started to face a period of decline. The fact that Nashville is the capital of Tennessee is significant, too. State capitals typically garner more profitable public investments than other cities.

In addition, Nashville doesn’t depend on manufacturing to profit like many other cities in the region. Recession-proof public investments like colleges and universities have helped solidify Nashville’s reputation as the “Athens of the South,” ushering in wave after wave of skilled undergraduates and graduates who often continue living in Nashville after receiving their diplomas. Finally, Nashville’s strong ties to the music industry have given the city international acclaim as an important hub for musicians from all walks of life.

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