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The everyday work of construction professionals is mired by stringent regulations, unscheduled Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections, and complex building codes. Construction professionals may find they need an experienced attorney for many reasons, even if they are not dealing with an impending lawsuit.

Wichita Construction Law Firm

Our Wichita construction law firm offers many services to employers, contractors, and other construction professionals. Cotney Construction Law collectively has over 100 years of experience. Our attorneys can assist you with:

Delayed payment: There are several ways an attorney can help you acquire payment. Demand letters can be extremely effective when they are printed on legal letterhead. Accomplished construction attorneys also understand lien laws and dispute resolution methods.

License defense: Our team can defend you against claims of improper licensure, license renting, and fraud. These allegations can come with serious penalties like fines, restitution, and criminal charges.

Contract review and drafting: Contracts are the basis for many business relationships. Owners will often try to take advantage of contractors by composing a lopsided agreement. Construction lawyers know which clauses to add and modify to ensure your contract is fair.

Bid protest: Government contracts can be lucrative and good for your project portfolio. If your bid has been protested or rejected, a construction lawyer can help you get fair consideration for your bid.

Employment law: Workers’ compensation, overtime laws, and employment discrimination defense are all important issues if you have employees. Some of the same regulations apply for subcontractors.

OSHA defense: No matter how well you train the people on your construction site, accidents can happen. If you have an upcoming inspection or an inspector has given you a citation, an attorney who understands the regulations for the construction industry is indispensable in preventing future violations.

Serving Construction Professionals

Cotney Construction Law is proud to work with construction professionals. We regularly serve contractors, subcontractors, architects, and engineers. If you need legal assistance, partnering with a law firm who understands the workings of the construction industry and its nuanced regulations and laws is vital.

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