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Wichita Construction Litigation Attorney

If you’re involved in a construction dispute, having a knowledgeable construction attorney on your side can be a valuable asset. Cotney Construction Law is nationally recognized for its legal assistance to contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and other construction professionals.

Our team is highly proficient in construction law and the many distinctions in regulations governing the industry. It’s never too early to connect with a lawyer if you sense litigation in your future. A skilled Wichita construction litigation attorney can walk you through this complex process.

Wichita Construction Litigation Lawyer Representation

You can’t always see it coming when someone decides to file a lawsuit against you. As a construction professional, you need a lawyer who understands your situation, your industry, and the laws that regulate it. You can be confident that a Wichita construction litigation lawyer from Cotney Construction Law will advise you and analyze your case details to create a strategy for your case.

Construction Litigation

Litigation can come about for many reasons. Working with others under tight deadlines can be stressful. If you find yourself needing legal representation, contact Cotney Construction Law. Some of our litigation service areas include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Construction defects
  • Delay claims
  • Employment law
  • License defense
  • Mechanics liens

A Wichita construction litigation attorney from Cotney Construction Law can help you find the best defense or claim depending on your situation.

The Litigation Process

Litigation begins with the initial investigation when evidence is gathered, including witness interviews. The initial investigation is also the phase where in the possibility of settling the case is discussed. If the case does not get settled out of court, drafting documents for the case will come next.

After the lawsuit is filed, the discovery process begins. Your lawyer will request interviews, admissions, and review documents. Pre-trial is the last step before the trial itself. This is when your lawyer will conduct pre-trial depositions, retain witnesses, and advise you of your options.

Naturally, the trial comes after the pre-trial. This is the part that most people picture when thinking of litigation. Your lawyer will defend you aggressively in an effort to obtain a favorable outcome for your case. After the trial, if your outcome wasn’t what you desired, your lawyer can make an appeal on your behalf.

If you would like to speak with a Wichita construction litigation lawyer, please contact us today.


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