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Winter Safety for Roofing Contractors Part 2

Winter is almost here! Unfortunately, roofers do not have many options when it comes to where they perform their work. This means roofers will be exposed to the harsh winters in certain regions. We hope the tips provided in this article and part one will be helpful as you continue your roofing projects this winter season.

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Protect Yourself From Falls

Falling from heights is a major hazard in the roofing industry, so it is critical that you ensure your workers are protected from falls. Every worker should be knowledgeable about your fall protection plan. This includes a fall rescue plan should a worker fall off a roof. Clean ice off the ladders and scaffolding, and always employ the three-point rule when climbing a ladder. Be sure that guardrails are in place to help prevent falls as well.

Protect Your Equipment

When not in use, roof safety equipment such as lanyards and harnesses should be stored in a safe, cool, and dry place. This will prevent your equipment from becoming brittle or rotting due to the wet, freeze, and thaw process that occurs as a result of being exposed to ice and snow. A fall safety plan is critical when working in roofing. Use the proper roofing fall safety equipment such as fall arrests, roof anchors, rope grabs, and lifeline kits. Fall protection kits will also provide equipment which will help roofers perform their jobs safely and securely.

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