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Workplace Violence and the Construction Industry Part 3

Construction projects can be stressful. There are many moving parts to complete an assignment on time and many people that must work together to complete these tasks. When tempers flare, sometimes incidents of workplace violence may occur. Take it from an Alabama OSHA attorney, you do not want to be considered legally responsible for an act of violence transpiring at your workplace. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent this from happening.

In this four-part article, we first educated you on what exactly workplace violence is defined as. In the second section, we covered ways an employer may be found liable if a violent act transpired at their workplace. In this section, we will discuss ways that employers can prevent violent conduct in their workplace. Remember, if you need the services of one of our Alabama OSHA lawyers, we are here to offer you legal counsel.

Identifying the Problems

One of the best ways to prevent workplace violence from transpiring is to identify potential problems before they arise and nip them in the bud. The behavioral tendencies that can be associated with violence need to be closely monitored and reviewed.

The following character traits can be associated with a violent perpetrator:

  • Antagonistic, unfriendly, or hostile towards coworkers
  • Struggles to co-exist with coworkers
  • Signs of verbal abuse or poor treatment of coworkers
  • Fails to be a team player or quick to prioritize their self-interests ahead of the group
  • Short-tempered or easily angered
  • Quick to blame others for mistakes and hold grudges
  • Feels mistreated or wronged by others
  • Consistently challenges those in leadership positions

Entrust in Leadership

Understanding the characteristics of a potential workplace perpetrator is extremely valuable information; however, entrusting in the right men and women in leadership positions to monitor these characteristics is just as important. It cannot be stressed enough that the men and women in management positions must be trained to recognize potentially serious situations and resolve these tense encounters before they escalate. As we will discuss next section, having the right system in place can prevent a catastrophe.

Creating Preventive Outlets

It’s important to remember that sometimes people have a bad day and simply lose their cool. There is no perfect guideline that guarantees the prevention of workplace violence. Considering that construction work entails employees working long hours and performing their tasks in an isolated place or an undesirable location, confrontations can happen. However, it’s important to at least have a system in place to help your workers vent or deal with the difficulties they may be experiencing with a coworker or someone outside of work.

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