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How Our Customers Will Benefit From Our Services

We have custom solutions that are designed to help you overcome all obstacles.

Our custom solutions include Business Consulting, Cotney COO on Demand, Smartsheet Solutions & AI -precognitive analytics.

Roofing Business Consulting

Assess the current state of your business, Create Standard Operating Procedures, Corporate Transaction Assistance, Risk Mitigation Advice, Industry Insight, Optimization of Project Management, Estimating and Sales Teams
Our consultants will dedicate themselves to ensuring your success.

COO On Demand

Having an outsourced COO will offer your business an affordable alternative for companies to address their operational needs. Cotney COO on Demand can provide flexible support for long- or short-term company issues and projects. Also, they can tackle more expansive conditions affecting all parts of a company’s operational structure.

Whether you are creating a new company, need to revamp your goals and strategies to stay competitive, or if you want you to grow your business and branch out into new markets, we have a program for you:


  • Create and review your business plan
  • Develop operational structure
  • Determine Policies and Procedures
  • Establish employee recruiting and retaining protocol
  • Develop compensation packages
  • Review technology structure for growth and development
  • Setup your foundational systems such as accounts payable, receivable, payroll that align with your business goals.
  • Determine CRM and tracking systems for sales and marketing.


  • Align operational processes and procedures
  • Review technology needs
  • Develop a corporate culture that encourages company goals
  • Enhance management practices
  • Test and Understand the communication styles and talents of your leadership team with the OKR method
  • Identify and train your upcoming leaders


  • Enhance your executive team with OKR training
  • Revitalize your culture to focus on and achieve your growth objectives
  • Review your key technology platforms to ensure overall goals are met
  • Assess your staff skills and job requirements to ensure appropriate staff
  • Streamline operations and take advantage of scalable models
  • Implement market expansion strategy
  • Develop and strategize 5-10-year goal objectives
  • Revenue and cash flow analysis

Smartsheet Solutions

Solutions from preconstruction to closeout. Make it easier to collaborate. CCG provides integrated project visibility so you can reduce safety hazards, increase production efficiency, reduce redundant tasks, produce accurate schedules, and create an accountable and trackable work environment. You can transform every aspect of your business. We can help you track profitability by a technician, truck customer, or any combination that benefits your business.

Streamline all your management and business processes. Track purchase order requests and have total inventory control in the warehouse and on the Jobsite. On-sight team leaders can submit their needs for equipment, materials, and workforce to be submitted directly from your phone. No time lost with built-in alerts. Ensuring you accurate data! Once you get the info into smartsheet, everything is preset, and you can make projections with charts, graphs, or whatever your preference.

Precognitive Analytics

Our AI combines business intelligence, planning, prediction, and augmented analytics into one program. Using your data to create relationships based on your companies past performance. It analyzes and applies that information to make statistical predictions about the logical future outcomes based on your desired business model. If you are trying to create or maintain a competitive edge, AI is your answer.

Through this program, you will learn your company’s strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses. Gain the knowledge needed to target your most profitable customers. You will save a substantial amount of time by eliminating the wrong projects. Our analytics can be used for everything from workload/workforce demands to identify and match your most effective production team, service teams, system types, geographical areas, customer selections, etc.

When utilizing analytics, most systems will only summarize past success or failure. Precognitive Analytics creates learning outcomes from experience to anticipate future results. Precog Analytics makes scores specifically designed to suggest an action. Creates more accurate business decisions. The lengthiest part of this process is collecting your company’s data.

Our services are designed specifically for the construction industry and will help you run your business with ease.

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